Open from 7 am, the Bowie offers breakfasts and quick snacks, lunch is varied and very attentive to vegetarians and vegans. Do not miss the brunch or the take-away basket for a picnic at the Colletta every Sunday or holiday.
In the afternoon, a good tea or a smoothies, around 6 pm the aperitif ritual begins with various proposals: if that were not enough, here is the Bistrot menu for an informal dinner.

L'aperitivo dalle 17 alle 21.30

The aperitif on the terrace

Every evening starting at 5.00 pm – Aperitif at the Bowie with a Spritz Cocktail card and various proposals.
Located right in front of the Dora and the Einaudi University Campus, from morning to evening it is exposed to sunlight that floods the large terrace bordered by trees and oleanders.